Time and money

It’s September and this means one thing… my birthday is next month! It is my firm belief that people should not give me random stuff. There isn’t anything I really need right now, and while tokens are nice, it creates clutter. There’s stuff that you need and there’s stuff that sits there because people give it to you without thinking if you’ll actually find that useful. I’ve written about this

Top hat with hidden storage space

Peggy made me a top hat last month. There was a slight problem of it being a bit too small, which made it perch on my head, so I decided to make another one with a new addition – a hidden storage space in the bottom of the hat. Don’t we all love secret hiding places? ;-)

August in review

I’ve been rather busy for most of August, so here’s a rundown of the highlights. 1. Arab Rice @ tHe Spring The Arab Rice at tHe Spring’s Food Bazaar has some really nice food. I’ve been meaning to go back since the review, but have not been hungry enough for that.