Yasmin Ahmad (1958 – 2009)

yasmin rialto.jpg, originally uploaded by yasmin the storyteller. Here’s to someone who never had to push a tacky unity agenda, but in showing us beauty and humanity amidst the ugliness of the Malaysian life, showed us that it has always been within our reach. Gone too soon but you have done so much.¬†Goodbye and thank you, Yasmin Ahmad. We never did get around to doing that interview. NST: Yasmin Ahmad

Kate Super Sharp Liner

Since I’ve developed a not-so-random new interest in make up, I decided to blog a little about it. Let’s start with a little something about an eyeliner I used to day and what happened later that prompted me to write about it. Here we have the Super Sharp Liner from Kate, a sub-brand under Kanebo. I picked this up because I got to try Peggy‘s when she gave us a

Doorway to the past

Irene’s post here reminded me that I have some photos of Gambier Street buildings that I took some months ago after the merchants all got relocated. I lost some of them because a trojan nuked the thumbdrive I had them in, but there’s some left. I’ll be posting them over the next few days. This is the side door into the fish market.