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This blog goes back for quite a few years, with more entries in the hey days of the blogging and less as we moved closer to the present. While some people erase all evidence of what they were like or what they blogged about after some years, I’ve never been a believer of putting down anything I might regret later. In many ways, I am not the same person who started this blog 8 years ago. You might want to keep that in mind before picking a fight over something I wrote in 2006.

Today, this blog simply functions the same way it did since the beginning. It is a chronicle of what I’m currently up to.

The Blogger

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My name is Georgette Tan. I work for The Borneo Post, first as a feature writer for the defunct PostMag, now as a reporter at the general desk. I usually cover community events, opening/closing of events, some commercial/advertorial pieces, and the occasional feature. Over the years, I have been associated with certain events or groups depending on my interests at the time. Although this may be all well, I like to keep my options open. You won’t grow if you stay in one place, and staying in one place gets boring after a while.

I am interested in Internet culture, traveling, Broadway musicals, mobile gaming, and a handful of TV series. I have a decent size library at home; I collect a few series, with a special interest in young adult novels. I’m also fond of graphic novels and have been known to buy it for the art first and the story second. I write poetry and occasionally longer works such as short stories and novels.

I try to make things better for stray animals when I come across them. I help out with various things at our local SPCA. I am a proud single mum to a beautiful dog.

I identify as an introvert, and have many introvert features like preferring my own company or small group of friends instead of large gatherings of noisy people. I find myself being more and more selective about where and how I spend my energy as I get older. However, I do enjoy being part of productions or readings when I have the opportunity.

Like most Malaysians, I love to eat.

I will try everything once, except things I’m absolutely sure is a bad idea.

You can find a summary of my online presence at about.me.

(Last Updated: August 3, 2014.)

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