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Pyramids, ancient civilisations and weight-lifting with music

As much as I’d like to blog in length about tonight’s very absorbing coffee session, I have DUN to cover first thing in the morning. This is Dr Semir Osmanagic, or Dr Sam for short. He discovered the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. The topic went from archaeology to ancient civilisations to Atlantis and aliens. Overall a …

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Kuching Food Bloggers Gathering @ Village Fast Food

Francis, who introduced kayaking to Kuching, have gotten together with some friends to set up Eating out in Kuching (Eat OK). Their first event is a food testing event at the newly opened Village Fast Food, opened by the people who brought us Green Bento.   You’ll need to RSVP because they are issuing Entrance …

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Toyota Quest For The Fuel Efficient Engine

Toyota decided on a fantasy-themed game and contest to promote their latest campaign – The Toyota Quest For the Fuel-Efficient Engine. When I saw their ad on rotation in my sidebar, I thought Advertlets is helping plug with a new Malaysian or Singapore fantasy MMORPG (as implausible as that sounds). Hopefully one with an English …

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