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Contest Winners!

The contest ended at the stroke of Monday! Thanks to all who plugged it and an especially big thanks to the two bloggers who took part. Yeah, two bloggers. Two joins out of nearly 100 hits on that post (not bad for a blog read by four people and a handful of crickets). You know …


Contest: Reminder

You have until Sunday to join the “Lovers and Strangers – Revisited” contest. I’m going to have to ask you to email or comment with your entry, because if my trackbacks are right, I’ll only have to flip a coin to pick the winner. ;-P Easiest contest evah! Thanks to Maya, See Ming, Lydia and …

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Contest: Win Robert Raymer’s “Lovers and Strangers – Revisited”!

Robert in his home office. Photo by Georgette Tan. Update: Please be sure you reply to this post or email me your entry at tarlia[AT]gmail.com! Robert Raymer, featured in PostMag today, revealed during his interview that he writes 15 hours in a week and keeps track of his hours in a logbook. He logs in …