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Work, Fitness & Balance

There was something in the June 2010 issue of Marie Claire Malaysia that struck a very loud chord with me. An article called’ Global Energy’ by Tan Lee Kuen talked about what six women from around the world do to stay healthy and preserve their well-being. One of the women is a nutritional therapist Alia …


CNY and its aftermaths

As everyone should already know, Chinese New Year is a time when everyone comes home and there will be any number of reunions depending on the size of your family tree and your general popularity. While some people like squeezing as many visits as possible into a day with a pack of ravenous wolves friends, …


What’s new in 2009

I planned on writing some elaborate post on New Year resolutions and crap like that but I had things to do and was more motivated to go live my life than blog about it. But since I’ve mowed through my Book Sunday post and am still rolling, I’ll bring you up to date with what’s …