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10 Things I Did in 2013

1. Canine Distemper Had my heart broken in a new way first thing in January when I lost a rescue dog (Cider) to distemper despite everything. Blondie had distemper the last time I saw him; presumed dead. Daisy ran away from the distemper ward at the shelter and was seen alive in Kota Sentosa a …


The Year Without Combs

With the ‘Go Balder Than Ever‘ event a mere one and a half months away, I thought I’d recap my hair (or lack of) in photos after last year’s ‘Go Bald’. Please note that I did go for regular trims over the year. My hairdresser saw me more often in this stage than when I …


Go Balder Than Ever

Guess who’s doing it again this year? Now give me your money*. * unless it’s over RM500, then you’ll have to write a cheque out to ‘Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society’.