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Wat Arun

Am in KL now and am too tired to care about a proper post. Here, have a couple of photo. A small part of Wat Arun, Bangkok. As a bonus, here’s a very fat dog we keep seeing near our hotel in Bangkok’s Chinatown. The first time I saw him, I thought he looked like …


Violence in paradise

We went to Coral Island, about 45 minutes from Pattaya by speedboat. Before that, my brother went parasailing. Here are videos: take off touchdown I didn’t go because my beh kia si* phase was two weeks ago when I went to Bako and did things like stand at the edge of a long drop into …


Thailand photoblog (Day 1 and 2)

I’d wait until I get home, but I think my parents would like to know that their kids are still alive and having a blast. Flying to Bangkok from KL takes you back one time zone, causing one extra hour to occur on Day 1. We found that you spend that hour standing in line …