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How to search for old items on your Facebook timeline

One of the greatest pain in every¬†Facebook user’s ass is the inability to quickly search for something you posted before, whether it was a status, link, photo or something someone said in one of the replies. I had that problem earlier tonight and remembered seeing something somewhere that I never tried… BINGO! ¬†I found my …

Facebook, internet

How to stop Facebook game invites/requests

Every now and then, someone in your newsfeed will put up a plea or threat for friends to stop sending game requests or invites. I got news for you: the person you’re aiming it to is too busy playing games to notice. In fact, putting a stop to this is in your hands and it …


Top hat with hidden storage space

Peggy made me a top hat last month. There was a slight problem of it being a bit too small, which made it perch on my head, so I decided to make another one with a new addition – a hidden storage space in the bottom of the hat. Don’t we all love secret hiding …