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Dark City the TV Series

I mentioned in my previous entry that Astro Ria starts airing the Dark City TV series tonight (or last night, by the time I post this). It has nothing to do with Dark City the book, and a favourite argument in relevant threads now is that the name “Dark City” have already been used by …

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Notes from all around

I’m working on a more substantial post but it’s taking some time because I have to dig for URLs and info. In the meanwhile, here’s a couple of other things that’s distracting me. AMP It’s like myspace music, except less annoying! It’s off to a good start as Asia’s music resource, serving as a hub …


TV rots your brain

Take it from someone who haven’t watched TV in so long, she forgot how to turn it on. So in the last few weeks, I dropped into a dark place in my mind where spending too much time alone with my thoughts was decidedly an unhealthy thing. I plugged the hole with TV series and …


Rescue me

Watching the first 4 episodes of Supernatural back to back last night brought Sam and Dean into my dreams to help me track down a terror that strikes only in the morning. This turned out to be my alarm clock.

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There’s a valve somewhere in my head that switches off when my reserve of words are low. Maybe it a lack of inspiration or creativity rather than words. Maybe it’s both. I’ve been conserving words the last week or so, which is why I haven’t blogged or in some cases, haven’t replied email and comments. …