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Flight simulation

If you like this photo and have a flickr account, please Fav it there. :-) Been a great deal of busy and tired since I got back from Brunei.


Postcards from the Edge

I haven’t been here lately. “Here” isn’t here at this blog, or here in town. It’s more like I haven’t been the person who used to update this blog or write you emails or run about organising writer events. It would appear that whatever I was excited about just months ago is of complete and …

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Funds for HfH: RM70 People for the 19th build: 13 Get involved! “S’up?” Ducky has a new hat and is looking mighty pleased about it. I have a new hat too, but I’m too lazy to model it right now. But it fits, which is wonderful and unusual because I have a big head and …