A rolling stone runs over things in its way

from Indexed Today was unexpectedly hectic. A lot of nice things that I’m not going to complain about, but disruptive where work is concerned. I didn’t get any work done. Tomorrow is expected to be similarly busy, given that I have two events to do in the morning, and normally I don’t do news desk type events at all. I’m looking at my desktop calendar (I heart Rainlendar) and the

Signs of insanity

Last week, I reviewed Melba Goodwyn’s “Ghost Worlds“. Part of my review said, A few paragraphs were of particular interest to me because they were about books. The reason you get drawn to a particular book is because of your relationship with the “knowledge and wisdom” contained within. Books often reveal mysterious hidden messages for you alone, which will reveal itself in good time. Almost everything Goodwyn described about acquiring

Tempting Fate

I’ve gotten around the playing Fate again. It’s a 3D slash-and-hack RPG, similar to Diablo. I stumbled upon it a couple of years back, played and got hooked, but didn’t finish because I am easily distracted. While sorting out my back-up CDs, I found it again and decided to reinstall and play. The one I had was a *cough* cracked version, but there was something wrong with it. After 15

Rainforest World Music Festival 2008

Rainforest World Music Festival is no doubt the most anticipated event in Sarawak every year. I’ve attended a few years of it – one or two as a spectator, and another two as a member of the media. Those were memorable times – the enlightening morning press conferences, the afternoon shoulder-to-shoulder workshops, and the crush of sweaty, boozed-and-stoned humanity in the night, doing their darn best to squeeze official media

Small steps to reducing plastic bag use

During a recent clutter-busting session in my bedroom, I collected a huge plastic bag full of… plastic bags. “WTF.” I thought. “These things really pile up when you’re not looking.” The only reason I need plastic bags in my room is to line my wastepaper basket, and to bag the occasional item that is going out with me but isn’t going into my bag. Out of the huge bag, very